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I’m not good with words

I was never good with words
I was never one capable of literary gymnastics
But here I am
A vessel overflowing with random thoughts
Thoughts, natural, innocent enough
Left alone though..they gnaw at the vessel
It becomes worn
It becomes less efffective
So I shall continue to and without shame, spill clumsily from my vessel
For my very sanity



Remember that everything is duality. Both sides of the spectrum are necessary in order for the revolution of consciousness to manifest. Once we realize the apparent negatives and accept them, then positive things will come. It is only then that we can truly differentiate between good and bad or whatever the opposites may be. 

In these turbulent times, people are starting to truly feel empathy and compassion which is bringing us together and destroying the illusion of separateness. It is amidst this apparent chaos that great times will emerge. This is the cycle of life

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